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For the past 20+ years I have been a small business owner and entrepreneur.  During that time I have added other titles such as consultant, coach and published author.  But the hardest lesson I had to learn was that customers just don't magically fall out of the sky; that's when I became a life-long student of marketing and sales.

I believe in sharing my knowledge of what works and my ample experience of what doesn't.  In other words, as my tide rises, I want it to lift you up as well.
"We Rise By Lifting Up Others..."
- Charles E. Snyder III, CEO C. E. Snyder Marketing LLC - 
My Why #1:
Injured Firefighter
I am often asked "why do you do what you do?"  To be honest, there is no one simple answer.  This led me to create several videos to give you just a glimpse into "why" because it is part of who I am.

I believe that my journey truly began when I finally admitted to myself that my career as a firefighter was at an end.  But first I hit rock bottom and it was the hardest part of my life.
My Why #2:
I Enjoy Helping Others
Looking back on my life, I see now that I have always had this desire to help and teach others.  Call it a knack or a natural ability, but whatever it's called I see it in everything I've ever done.  Whether it was more than 30 years as a firefighter or taking karate lessons, it has always been there.

I believe that we help ourselves when we help others.  Every time I have helped lift up someone, my own ship rises as a result.
My Why #3:
She Believes In Me
About the time in my life that I was just starting to pick up the pieces and figuring out what was next, I met Ann.  At that time, the absolute last thing I wanted was getting into a relationship, much less a long-distance one.

But I believe there's a reason for everything, as a result of our choices - good or bad - and we only get to the good when we're truly ready for it.  Getting to know Ann has been the best thing to ever happen to me.
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